Other dental services provided by Smile Studio are Bonding, Teeth and Gums Recontouring, Depigmentation, Root Canal, Tooth Removal, Regular Dental Exams, x-rays, and Cavity Filling services.


Bonding is used to treat minor flaws in the teeth, including chipped tooth, wide-spaced tooth, etc. A composite material similar to the color of a natural tooth is used to fill in the spaces.

Teeth and Gums Recontouring

Sometimes the teeth and gums can have an unsymmetrical and uneven shape which can look bad while smiling. With recontouring, misshaping of teeth and gums are recontoured and modified to bring to normal shape.


Sometimes black and brown pigmentation can be accumulated on the gums which are removed to regain healthy and pink gums.

Tooth Removal

The infected tooth is completely removed from the place to prevent further decaying and pain.

Regular Dental Exams

Regular dental exams are carried out to track the health of the teeth and to assess the risk associated with dental problems at an early stage.


X-rays are done to get the dental radiographs of the teeth in order to find out hidden fractures, bone loss, cavities, malignant masses, etc.

Cavity Filling

The opening of the decayed tooth is filled with the composite material similar to the tooth to prevent the decaying and pain.