Very professional, seemed well experienced as well. I would go to him again. Personable and hygienic space as well”

Visited for Zirconia Crowns

I have known Tarun for quite some time but I have never approached him for dental problems as I was always afraid to see a dentist. Whosoever it is! Oflately, I have been facing immense trouble with tooth ache and bleeding and the first thought was to go to Dr. Tarun. I had this at the back of my mind that he would take care of me during my treatment. He has this “Dental Vibe” that you will not feel the pain and believe me what I say..I was so relaxed during the procedure. He is very gentle and caring and most importantly skillful. The clinic is also clean and easy to find. Locate right at the centre of Sec. 45”

Visited for dental Fillings

Deep rooted childhood fear of dentist made me avoid dental treatment for years, but Dr. Rajput’s behavior made me feel safe and secure. The treatment was ABSOLUTELY painless. Nothing more than two ant bites.
Without hesitation I recommend Dr. Rajput to anyone who seeks painless dental treatment.”

Urmi Gupta BNI

I always felt dentist as demons but since i met Dr. Tarun my fear went away. He did wisdom extraction and RTC without pain unlike the experience i had in past. Not only the best dentist also the great human being.”

Visited for Dental Cavities