Dr. Chhavi


A dedicated prosthodontist from Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences, since 2005,Ex- Resident of Maulana Azad institute of Dental Sciences, Delhi 2008, worked in SGT dental college Gurgaon. Currently working as visiting consultant with 14 years of experience, handling complex cases of complete denture and full mouth reconstructions and designing smiles using veneers and lumineers.
Successfully treated maxillofacial patients with obturators and TMD with appliances, specialising in implant dentistry, aiming for patient’s comfort, satisfaction and emotional well being. A specialist to make a difference in the society. Regularly attending dental CDE programs and courses.

Smile Studio, plot no 35, sector 45 near Medharbor, Gurgaon Haryana-122002.


+91 9958728111, 9315866588